ILUSS - ITALIAN ONLINE is a convenient, useful resource for teachers and students worldwide. ILUSS is a nonprofit organization which promotes the Italian language and culture abroad, offering three services: ILUSS FREE, ILUSS STUDENT and ILUSS EDUCATIONAL.

- ILUSS FREE, for teachers or students of Italian, offers free online access to a large sampling of our grammar and reading units, including notes and interactive exercises.

- An ILUSS STUDENT membership gives you access to a larger variety of grammar resources, more in-depth reading units and challenging exercises usable on- or offline.

- An ILUSS EDUCATIONALmembership (for teachers) allows your students to access the complete ILUSS online resource series, with download privileges for any unit or exercise.

ILUSS is based in Italy, and operates under the jurisdiction of Italian law. Our services are provided according to the Nonprofit Associations Act, and comply with Italian and European consumer protection legislation.