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Detailed language tuition profile
Name: Martina
Age: 35
Native language: Italian
Location: Istanbul - Turkey
Time zone: UTC/GMT +2 ora
Price:   from € 18,00 to 25 depending on the number of lessons
Rating: 100% positive

Detailed profile
About me
Hi, I am Martina, a professional Italian teacher HIGHLY QUALIFIED to teach Italian to foreigners. After my graduation in Venice, I moved to Florence where I started teaching to foreigners. I immediately loved my job: the multicultural atmosphere made me feel as if the world was inside the class. Then I came to Istanbul where I was able to combine my love for foreigners with my love for teaching.
Qualifications & Experience
I started teaching Italian to foreigners in 2000 in Florence. After having taught 5 years to students of all levels in Italy, I moved to Istanbul – Turkey, where I started teaching Italian at the university and at the Italian Cultural Institute.
Since 2008, I teach Italian online and I have students from all over the world. I’m very proud to know that I’ve helped so many people achieve their goals because of my help in learning to speak Italian. This is the most rewarding aspect of my career. Your success is my success!
1) DITALS: Didactics of Italian as a foreign language
2) Two year School of Specialization in Teaching
3) Glottodidactic courses
4) High qualification course on Italian language and culture
5) I keep up to date with the new teaching methodologies by attending annual courses.
Teaching Approach
My teaching methods are based on using interaction, dialogue and communication to help students develop their language skills and knowledge. I use an eclectic methodology based on the new glottodidactic methodologies and the active use of the language so that the student has always a central role.My philosophy is learning by doing.Before every lesson, I will send you all the material we will use in the class. I will also be giving you real-time feedback while we communicate. After the lesson, I give regular assignments so you can practice what you learned and I will always check them so you can be sure if you've understood things correctly. For any question, please just feel free to contact me. I hope you will be one of my students!

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