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Schools in Italy

Schools of Italian
ILUSS - Learn Italian Online

If you plan to take a course in Italian language, Art or Cookery here you will find a list of schools selected for you by Iluss
With ILUSS you can easily find the Italian language, culture, art or cooking school you are looking for. Choose your preferred courses and come to study in Italy!
Italian Language Schools in Italy
ILUSS provides you with the list of  the Italian language schools in Italy.

Italian Language School in the World

ILUSS provides you with the list of  the Italian language schools in the world.

Italian Art History & Art Schools in Italy

If you are looking for a painting, singing, sculpture, fashion, or design school in Italy, enter this section and find out all the possibilities to know Italian art. You can find some information, about courses in Italy, which are subdivided into regions and towns.
Cooking Schools in Italy
If you want to learn how to taste wines and how to prepare good Italian cooking dishes, well, this is the right section for you. You will find all cooking ( cookery ) schools subdivided into regions and towns. Discover your italian cooking ( cookery ) courses in Italy.

Schools of Italian in Italy

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