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Detailed language tuition profile
Name: Paola
Age: 30
Native language: Italian
Locatio: Bologna - Italia
Time zone:Roma
Price:   from € 18,00 to 24 depending on the number of lessons
Rating: 100% positive
About me
My name is PAOLA, I am 30 and I am from Forlì, a peaceable town in Emilia-
Romagna, close to the well-known Bologna and Rimini. I am interested in every
kind of artistic creation: I like literature, theatre, movies, music, painting and also culinary art. I like to have friends from different cultures and backgrounds: there is a lot to learn about the world.
Qualifications & Experience
I studied at the università di Bologna - Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia. I spent about a
year in London, studying at Brunel university and three months in Munich, where I
taught at Ludwig-Maximilian university. I have DITALS certificate, issued by
università per stranieri di Siena and did an internship as Italian teacher with a
language school in Bologna.
Teaching Approach
I believe in a communicative didactics, based on conversation. I can also put stress on grammar rules, if necessary. With me you can improve your reading/listening /writing/speaking skills: I can offer a personal tutoring service.
For beginners, learning units are about greetings, introduce oneself, family, home, eating, working, free time, travelling and so on. For advanced students, I can also offer materials on cooking, literature, music, history, geography, travelling around Italy or Europe, Italian news and currents affairs, following students' interests.
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